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Cannon girl-GENZOMAN
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sábado, 2 de octubre de 2010

SANTY GUTIERREZ... genial ilustrador, con un genial sentido del humor. Para muestra sus viñetas de superheroes que ha hecho para el Salón del Comic de A Coruña!!
Tiene una excelente web donde te puedes encontrar un poco de todo lo que hace:  ilustración, cartoons, comics, caricaturas, sketchbook... Echale un vistazo ya vereás.
– I hate summer fests! – How weak you are, iceman
– You can afford it, Stark! , but I’m broke by merchandising: do you know how much a teen has to pay for a car insurance, plus motorbike, quad, helicopter

-Excuse me, you are…? I’m sorry but you occidental characters seem all too similar to me

“More than 40 furtive fishermen beachcomb sandy bottoms in broad daylight”.
- I am MolluscMan and my only mission is to defeat furtives who harvest and steal painlessly.
- Great! Will you destroy them with your laser beams? will you launch them to the hyperspace? disintegrate them with sismic waves?.
- no! I’ll remove the clams and I’ll tell them “nonono,don’t do that”. That’s the usual thing, isn’t it?
– We’ll have to dare with a new and ambitious super villain: with his unlimited power he can avoid us to fly!
- damn, there he is!
- HA-HAAAA yes it’s me, the fearsome “Airtraffic Controller”
- go away, man. This cartoon is ONLY for Superheroes – Let him in, Gorilla! he is a VIP, don’t you see he is a fireman?!

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También publica en EL JUEVES, convirtiendo en risa la actualidad con su ácido sentido del humor.

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